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Hello and Welcome to Data Acuity Solutions

At Data Acuity Solutions, we provide solutions for addressing the issues revolving around equipment, from data gathering to data failure, customized according to the nature of your manufacturing business.

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We primarily serve industrial manufacturing companies from a wide variety of industries including biopharmaceuticals, automotive, food and beverage, government, and general manufacturing by providing the following solutions.

Asset Performance Management

We help ensure the efficient performance of your entire organization.

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Industrial Automation

We can automate the different building systems you have.

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Advanced Capabilities

Check out how our solutions can help transform your company.

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You’re Important to Us Mission Statement

The mission of Data Acuity Solutions is to help industrial manufacturing companies to become more efficient in their operations by focusing on addressing specific issues in industrial automation and other relevant areas. Through our varied solutions, we commit ourselves to be a reliable partner to our clients.

About Us
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